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Vetdiet Chicken & Rice Formula Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food

Fancy Feast Creamy Delights Chicken Feast Pate in a Creamy Sauce Canned Cat Food

Cats love and are they doing well

We just transitioned to this food from kitten food, and my two are loving it. Also, my problem-child with forever loose stools no matter what we've tried is improving. The consistency of the food is a little soupy. I spoke to the manufacturer and it is something they are working on.

Basil & Baxter's Peanut Butter Dog Training Treat 10lbs

Champs in the dog place

My dogs love your products. In fact they asked me to get the beef sticks for them this time.

PureVita Grain Free Duck & Green Lentils Recipe Dry Dog Food

Consistent Process and Great Product.

The process is great we are notified a few days before shipping and the shipping is fast.

Excellent cat food

This is likely the best cat food on the market. My cats love it and won't eat anything else. That's the proof right there. If I had to, I would eat it, too, simply based on their strong preference.

Higgins Mineral Grit
Winfield Checkley
Pleasantly Satisfied

I have been shopping for this product in bulk for two months. Was only able to obtain two 6-ounce packages at a PetSmart outlet ninety miles away. Tried Higgins in Florida without success. Got pet saved the hassle and met my need with a twenty pound delivery. Thanks for their services.

Ivy loves the treats. She is a 9yr old ShihTzu.

fast and easy ordering

I’ve been having a hard time finding this cat food at my local pet store and was really happy to find that got pet supplies had it in stock and it was the same price Ive paid at the store. Very easy and fast delivery. Will continue ordering from here.


Was just what I wanted. Fast shipping and quality product. Thank you

My Macaws love Zupreem Fruitblend !

All the parrots at our house love Zupreem FruitBlend food. We call it fruiti-fruit food; they understand and know what i am saying. They eat other things yes, but they thrive on Zupreem fruit blend food. It is by far the largest percentage of their diets.

Fussie Cat delivery

I am very happy with my deliveries from go pet supplies

Pure and Delicious

My cat is a picky eater. Also if she ever vomits on a food, she will refuse to eat it. I have tried many varieties of grain-free food with her. She may eat a small part of it or only lick the gravy off of the meaty foods with broth or gravy (and I only give her 1/4 can of meaty food per day). She has only eaten 3 cans of the PureVita Grain Free 96% Real Chicken Entree, but she has not gotten sick from it nor does she seem bored by it. A win for sure!

Great treats

Great treats

My dog loves these beef sticks!!

NutriSource Dry Cat and Kitten

I rescue and care for abandoned and less than healthy cats and kitten, this dry food product is great with cats that have sensitive stomachs. A few weeks on this food and the cats under my watch have healthy shiny coats, keep the food down and really like the taste.

Peanut Butter treats

We recently moved to OK and no one here sells these.. I used to buy them from Mud Bay pet store and for the 10 lb box they were $35.00
After we moved and ran out of these treats I called Mud Bay and they gave me the link to order them online directly from you..
I did and was in sticker shock for the price difference…
But I ordered them anyways because my dogs LOVE these treats…
And so do I…
They are fresh and soft chewable treats that my dogs love and easy for them to chew..
I have small dogs

Zupreem AvianBreeder Natural Food with Added Vitamins and Minerals for Medium Birds

Great fast delivery.


My Rabbit Loves Them !!

This one of my rabbits favorite things !!

She llves her lobster