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Fresh, Good Quality

My dog has many sensitivities. This dog food has been good for him. His poops are healthy and he is full of energy

Fast service

Got my item for a great price and fast shipping. Very pleased. Thank you.

Damaged Bag

The product is very good and my dog seems to enjoy it. However, the recent order I received had a 2" cut in the bag and some of the contents had spilled into the shipping box. There was no corresponding hole on the outer box so I assume this bag was punctured/cut before the box was packed. I will continue to use the product.

NutriSource Grain Free Large Breed Lamb Dry Dog Food!

Smiley is a 7 year old Golden Retriever. She's been on this product now since the COVID supply shortage and has been doing really well on it. She does the happy dance when it's meal time!


This was my first time ordering our cat food from this company. It was probably one of the best new purchase experiences I’ve had in a very long time! Easy ordering, free shipping with minimum purchase, and FAST service. I literally had the cat food within 3 days of ordering. I’ll definitely shop this site more!!

NutriSource Adult Chicken & Rice Canned Dog Food

Dog Biscuits

Stella loves these dog biscuits.

Basil & Baxter Peanut Butter dog Training Treat

Our dogs do not like this treat very much

Happy Beak Sandy Perch

It is much smaller than anticipated, not really big enough for an Amazon. Plus she is terrified of it so won't use it. I bought to keep her claws dulled. Maybe eventually she will use it.

Best Biscuits!

My dog absolutely loves these bagel shaped biscuits! They are not too small and not too big and she always runs off with one with her tail wagging! I’m glad I can still find them at gotPetSupplies!

Pure vita food is the best cat food!

My kitty loves PureVita Chicken and Peas as well as Salmon and Peas. I’m so confident that these are grain-free foods that are good for my cat’s diet and health.

Dog loves it

Bernedoodle has been eating this since she was out of puppy stage. Loves it!


My dog loves them and the size is perfect for training.

Solid Gold Holistique Blendz Adult Dry Dog Food

This is kitty’s favorite

My cat loves both the Chicken and peas but the Salmon and peas is her favorite. This makes me happy because I know she’s getting a healthy diet.

Favorite treat!

My dog loves these and I feel like I’m giving her a healthy treat!!

A dental stick a day keeps the dentist away

My small dog loves these and thinks they are a treat! Hoping to not have to have so many sedations and teeth pulled with dental procedures!!


Good price and on time delivery.

Best dry food I’ve found - and also best bang for the buck

This food requires the smallest amount for daily (protein and) nutrients out of any dry food I've found. My vet is always surprised when I say we only give 2 cups for the day to my 60 pound dog. They always say "no, I mean total daily amount not single meal". Then they say "do you give her 1 or 2 meals a day." (Yeah, we give two; 1 cup for each meal.) It's also the best quality and yields best results in my rescue Lab. I don't know if it's the probiotics, but with this food, my dog doesn't have the smelly belches and flatulence that she has with other, high quality dry dog food. Once I found this one, I stayed with it! You should try it, especially with an energetic dog. This has been great!

Great price

Great prices and easy to order

just what my kitty prefers!!

Very good product

This item works well for my kitty and me. Gives her a little privacy and it’s easy for me to do cleanup.

Pricey but worth it

Although the price tag is on the high side, our GS Dogs are thriving on the Nutri Source kibble. I alternate daily between raw beef, and raw pork in combination with the beef and trout Nutri Source kibble. My guys coats are excellent; no excessive scratching / itching, great vigor and overall sound health. All that being said, "Got Pet Supplies" stood behind one issue I had and were great to work with.


Working on it. Coco doesn’t like any dog food. She weighs 17 lbs & needs to lose 3 lbs. It is going to take time, but she has taken some bites & THATS improvement for her!

My cat loves it!

This litter is a very good product and has no scent.