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I usually order Beefsticks and was surprised it was pork sticks that were delivered instead of beefsticks, I usually order through Gotpet, so I’m thinking I ordered from wrong company?

Great service food arrived quickly


WE have 2 rescue dogs and our daughter next door has 5 rescue dogs. They love this stuff. When my daughter lets her dogs out, they run over and request it.


My dogs love them and they are a good value because they only have a few ingredients. other treats that are advertised on TV and in stores have many ingredients that are not good for dogs, usually the smaller the dog, the more likely it will harm them.

Pricey but worth it

Almost instant improvement in our dogs' coats. Bright eyes, increased energy without putting on unnecessary weight. Tail waggin' empty bowls at every meal. We alternate the protein, i.e. beef, trout, etc...

Happy Bird

We had been feeding a different blend of food that our African Grey wasted a lot, so we tried Higgins California blend. This blend is much more to our birds liking and has more of the birds favorite stuff in it!


Dogs love them. I love them because there are no extra ingredients in them. Too many treats have ingredients that will or have killed or made dogs ill.

My pup begs for them

These training treats are recommended on multiple dog nutrition web sites for dogs with sensitive digestive tracts.
Only downside is these treats are big for a small dog or puppy, and they don’t split very well.

senior dog food

Gift for my granddaughter's dog

Higgins Vita Seed Natural Blend

My canary is a happy bird!! He has no complaints.

Great Beef Stick Treats

Great Beef Sticks!!!! Easy to break into smaller treats....Very Crunchy, Dog Loves them!!!! A perfect snack for your pet....My dog loves J.J. Fuds Beef Sticks...

Not good for large parrots

A lot of small broken pieces. Large birds prefer larger chunks. The fruit is good but a lot get wasted when fed to large birds.

Excellent Company

I bought this as a travel cage for my African Grey parrot. Easy to assemble and sturdy.
I just want to add that customer service is beyond excellent and I hope to be ordering supplies for many years.

Puppy food

It’s good, it would be nice if it had more gravy

NutriSource Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food

Great product

The service was fast and my dogs absolutely love these.

My dogs are addicted!!

My dogs expect these beef sticks, there are major problems if we run out so thankfully I found these in bulk and at a very fair price!! Thank you GoPetSupplies!!!!!!

Dogs love em

My dogs love them. It's great to be able to break down to correct size per dog

All Natural Beef Joysticks

MY THREE YELLOW LABS LOVE THEM!!! They have been getting them for years now

Our Degus Love It

Our 4 female Degus absolutely love these pellets . When we first got them we tried a different brand and they wouldn't hardly touch them and once we switched them to these pellets they've been hooked on thie Higgins brand for past year and they are so healthy and strong. We will continue to buy this brand and we highly recommend it.

I like the small size compared to milk bones I always break in half.

Our Border Collie loves them.

Great dog chew!

I read stories about dogs having issues with other products. It’s reassuring to know there are still healthy options & appreciate that this store has them!

Outstanding service

So helpful, wasn't able to find this product anywhere else.

Great deal

Our dog loves the chicken chews and we found them at a great price. So much easier then trying to find a store that carries the chews.

PireVita Salmon

My Olde English Bulldogge loves his PureVita Salmon kibble, he has been eating it for 8 years and loves it. It keeps his coat shiny he minimally sheds.
His vet always tells us are dog is doing great. We are super happy with PureVita. Highly recommend