Dogs are social animals that like living together in packs or families. This is why it is important that if you get a puppy and you want to take him home to a lonely place where there are no dogs to keep him company, you give him utmost attention. Keep the puppy as close to you as possible to eliminate the stress they are undergoing as a result of being kept away from their family. This will help to make him feel loved and he will also not cry all the time which is not good for his health. You should also give your puppy enough food that will make him grow into a strong and healthy dog. A puppy usually feeds a lot from the time of birth to about six months of age. He should be fed three to four times more than an adult dog is fed to support his needed growth. Puppy food should be that which is rich in protein, vitamins, fats because these nutrients support growth very well. When buying dog food for your puppy, you will have to verify his breed type before you can go ahead and the food. You will have to do this because different dog breeds need foods that suit their breed type for example large puppy foods help bigger puppies to grow at a rate that is relative to their body size. If you are going to feed your puppy on processed puppy food bought from the supermarket it is advisable that you read the guidelines on how the food is to be given. This will probably help you if you didn’t know what amount to give to him in a day.

Your puppy will always need to play around therefore it is important that you buy for him toys that he needs for play to distract him from the loneliness he will experience as result of him being separated from the mother. Take him for some walk away from the one position he stays everyday for him to have some fun and remove the feeling of loneliness. As your puppy’s growth continues it is important that you deworm him to remove the worms it may have in its stomach. Worms in dogs has been found to cause nutrient deficiency in puppies resulting to death in extreme cases. You should also clean your puppy at least twice weekly with dog shampoo to keep fleas at bay because fleas really cause dogs much suffering which in turn worsens their health.