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Zoo Med Flora Sun Plant Bulb for Aquariums 36"

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Aquarium Flora Plant Bulb
25 Watts
Size: 46 inches

The Zoo Med Flora Sun Plant Bulb for Aquariums is a high intensity lamp with peak emissions in the blue and red regions serves to maximize the photo biological processes in plants.

  • The emission spectrum closely resembles the absorption curve of chlorophyll-A, promoting maximum photosynthesis, ideal for planted aquariums, or terrariums.
  • Also great for shy fish species such as dwarf cichlids, discus, etc.
  • Use in conjunction with Ultra Sun or Tropic Sun.
  • Zoo Med's line of fluorescent aquarium lamps are made in Europe for ultra high quality, color, and longer burn life.
  • Energy saving T-8 sizes can save you up to $30.00 per year in electricity over the thicker T-12 size lamps. Effective up to 10,000 hours.

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