Zoo Med 10.0 High Output UVB Terrarium Bulb Size: 48"

UVB Terrarium Bulb
10.0 High Output

Size 48 inches / T8

Zoo Med Repti Sun High Output linear fluorescent UVB lamps are made in Germany with the highest quality UVB transmitting quartz glass, with beneficial UVB emissions lasting a full twelve months.

  • The UVB emissions from these lamps will help to prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease in captive reptiles, birds, and other animals.
  • Also emit beneficial UVA wavelengths which stimulate feeding, reproduction, and natural behavior patterns in reptiles, amphibians, and birds.
  • Emits UVB a full 20"/51cm from the surface of the lamp to prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease. 
  • Optimal for use with larger terrariums where greater than 12" of UVB penetration is needed.
  • Recommended for use above screen covers which can filter out up to 50% of the UVB wavelengths.
  • Dimensions: 4 L x 1458 W x 0.15 H inches.

Item: ZM34348

Product UPC: 097612343489