Zilla Tropical Reptile 25 UVB T8 Fluorescent Bulbs 15 Watts 18"

T8 Fluorescent Bulb for Tropical Habitats
Size: L: 19.75 W: 2.00 H: 1.37 (18 Inches)
1 Count: 15 Watt Coil Bulb

Standard terrarium bulbs can’t deliver the heightened levels of UVB radiation native to a tropical habitat, leaving rainforest reptiles deficient in a vital component of healthy bone development. Tropical 25 Bulbs correct this deficiency with a full dosage of UVB along with essential UVA light.

  • UVB light is as essential as proper food and water when it comes to the bone health of tropical reptiles.
  • Also provide needed UVA light, plus visible-spectrum illumination to make subtle skin coloration more vivid and viewable.
  • Tropical 25 UVB bulbs (25 microwatts per second/cm2) in 13W or 20W sizes are designed for 3500 hours or 12 full months of average use.
  • Ideal for tropical and temperate dwelling reptiles including Anoles; Day & Tokay Geckos, Iguanas, Basilisks, Chameleons, Chinese Water Dragons, Tegus, Red-Eared Sliders, Red Foot Tortoises and Eastern Box Turtles.

Energy Savers Model: 11988

Item: EN67107

Product UPC: 096316671072