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Zilla Aquatic Turtle Extruded Food Pellets 6 oz

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Aquatic Water Turtle Food
6-ounce container

Each extruded pellet is blended with the precise amount of essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals needed for healthy activity, vibrant coloration, and a long lifespan. These ready-to-eat formulas do not require refrigeration and are easily digestible so your pet gets the most out of each bite

  • Aquatic turtles are omnivores that consume small fish, crustaceans and plants in the wild and this food is formulated with ingredients they need to promote excellent shell color and activity
  • Can be fed with other foods or be the primary diet

  • Provide food twice daily, do not feed more than can be eaten in a 10 minute period


    Do not add vitamin or mineral supplements


    Store in a cool, dry place for maximum freshness

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Product UPC: 096316695016