San Francisco Bay Brand Bloodworms Freeze Dried - 1 oz

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Also known as Red Mosquito Larve. Your discus, eels, betas, loaches and other community freshwater fish will thrive on this primary food. The choice for community tanks. Bloodworms are a natural product that may cause an allergic reaction in some people. •All Freshwater Angels, Discus, Barbs, Cichlids, Gouramis, Live Bearers, Loaches, Eels, Catfish, Tetras, Sharks & Silver Dollars and all Saltwater Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Damsels, Clownfish, Groupers, and Eels. •Bloodworms •Crude Protein Min 51.66% •Crude Fat Min 2.00% •Crude Fiber Max 5.37% •Moisture Max 10.70%

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