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Oceanic Fish & Aquatic Supplies Proflex Sump Model 4 2200 gph

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Proflex Sump Model 4 2200GPH

  • Durability - With aesthetically appealing, clean-line designs, all ProFlex models are manufactured using extremely durable materials and include a lifetime warranty against leaks.
  • Quiet Filtration - As water enters the ProFlex, it flows through a revolutionary bubble diffuser chamber where bubbles are expelled, significantly reducing noise.
  • After water flows through the bubble chamber, it flows through two 200 micron filter socks to remove large particulates.Flexibility - Transform the ProFlex into three completely different setups: a traditional wet/dry trickle filter (using the BioMedia accessory pack-sold separately), as a Berlin style, or a Refugium sump filtration system.
  • This breakthrough design makes modifying the ProFlex a snap. It's as easy as sliding the adjustable water height wall up or down, removing the thumb screws on a removable baffle wall, sliding in the filter pad and trickle down the grid and adding bio balls, or adding accessories like a return pump and protein skimmer to the ample space in the back.
  • The ProFlex sump filtration unit comes in four sizes to accommodate any medium to large-sized aquarium up to 210 gallons
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