Pretty Bird Jungle Munchies Macaw Blend Food 25 lbs

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Bird Food Blend
For Macaws

25 pound bag

Pretty Bird Jungle Munchies for Macaws gives your bird the nutrients needed to thrive.

  • Macaws eat a wide variety of foods such as nuts, seeds, and fruits in their native South American, Central American, and Caribbean habitats.
  • Whether in woodland, rainforest, or savannah, they eat varieties of seeds such as watermelon, pumpkin, or cantaloupe, as well as nuts like almonds and filberts, and tropical fruits including coconuts, papayas, and bananas.
  • These ingredients, and others these birds would eat in the wild, are included in Jungle Munchies Macaw Food.
  • Wild macaws also glean other nutrients from their surroundings, such as vitamins and minerals.
  • Jungle Munchies are specifically formulated with guaranteed vitamin levels such as from Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and minerals like copper and calcium.
  • We do not include millets, flax seed or canary grass seed. We consider these seeds much too small for our large avian friends.

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