Petmate Sky Kennel Airplane Travel Pet Crate 40" X-Lg

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Sky Kennel Dog Crate - Extra Large
XL Animals/Dogs from 70 to 90 pounds
Outer Dimensions: 40” L x 27” W x 30” H
Color: Light Gray

The Sky Kennel Dog Crate is preferred by airlines and is approved by the ATA (Airline Transportation Association**). With heavy-duty construction 4-way ventilation and great visibility. Comfortable carrier for flying or driving with your pet. 

  • Heavy-duty, high strength plastic construction.
  • Non-corrosive plastic wing nuts.
  • Extra tough steel wire.
  • Secure door latches for safety and is easy to operate.
  • Ample, 4-way ventilation.
  • Eco-friendly, made of 25% recycled plastic.
  • "Live Animal" stickers and clip on water bowls included.
  • Made in the USA.

**please always check in advance with your particular airline to confirm requirements for pet transport.

Model Number: 00500
Item: DO00500

Product UPC: 029695005008