Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Large Breed Adult Lamb and Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food

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Size: 22-lb
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George Eilers
A problem with the order

This was our first order to GotPetSupplies. Nutro Limited Ingredient kibble was obviously in very short supply. It has been out of stock at Chewy for weeks, but you had seven large bags. So, we ordered two from you. We immediately picked up a bag from a local ranch supply, just in case. Chewy is still showing no stock, but you came through with our two bags. They were five days late--which is understandable, considering the weather and the pandemic.

I had to drive over a mile to our rural route mailbox to retrieve your shipment. Despite instructions to place packages in our delivery box at the end of our driveway, Fedex often drops packages on the ground, sometimes in the snow, beneath our mailbox. I knew the package was there only because Fedex Delivery Manager emailed me a notice of delivery. Not directly your fault, but your reputation suffers along with other vendor who use Fedex Ground.

I dragged the 48-pound box through the snow to the back of my car, where it opened it on the ground. I removed one bag at a time, placing it in the car. The first bag had developed a 2-inch tear during shipment at one bottom corner, which allowed about a cup of kibble to escape onto the ground and the back of the car as I lifted it. The other bag was intact. After patching the hole in the first one with duct tape, I brought it into the house for feeding to our three Great Pyrenees dogs.

You did almost everything right in my opinion. The only exception was packing two eighteen-pound bags into a single large cardboard box. The tape sealing the box had split in a couple of places, which actually made it easier for me to open the box and load the bags separately into the car, not having taken a box cutter with me when I drove to the mailbox.

I give you 8/10 for order fulfillment compared with 9 /10 for Chewy. Sending the bags in two separate boxes would have made it 10/10.

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