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NutriSource Chicken/Rice Lg Breed Puppy Dry Food 30lbs

Puppy Dry Food
For Large Breed Puppies

30 pound bag

NutriSource Large Breed Puppy Chicken and Rice Formula Dry Dog Food provides super premium nutrition in a scientifically formulated easy-to-digest food designed for puppies of breeds that will mature at more than 50 lbs.

  • Formulated to provide proper nutrition for balanced muscular and skeletal growth in large and giant breeds.
  • Contains specially adjusted levels of calcium and phosphorus matched with balanced protein, fat, carbohydrates, and calories to supply large breed puppies the nutrition to grow and develop to fullest potential.
  • Feed your large/giant breed puppy from weaning until your dog reaches it's mature weight and size, typically at about 18 months of age. 
  • Made in the USA.

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