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Magical Castle Super Section A Age Of Magic Ornament

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Penn Plax's Castle decor will make a great centerpiece to any aquarium! Decorate your aquarium with the unique and beautiful magical castle.

Inviting with mystery and intrigue, the Penn Plax Giant Castle Aquarium Decoration, is a showcase piece to add to your aquarium. Each half is available separately or choose both for a unique full castle look.  Large antique castle design for a huge underwater habitat for your fish. Detail painted resin is non-toxic and durable in the water. Options: Left Section A is shown in main image as viewing the left side. Right Section B is shown in main image as viewing the right side. *For the full castle effect order both Left Section A, and Right Section B.About Penn Plax:Penn-Plax is a family-owned company in operation since 1959. They specialize in creating excellent pet supplies for animals both great and small. Best known for producing pet products at affordable prices, the Penn-Plax brand is synonymous with innovation and quality, keeping your pet foremost in mind. Large painted castle figurine in left or right view. Provides a huge underwater environment for fish. Twinned halves combine to form larger castle. Durable and detailed painted resin construction. Each half is available separately.

Product Dimensions: 16 x 9 x 16 inches (L x W x H)

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Product UPC : 030172027345