Lee's 10 Gal Premium Undergravel Tank Filter 10" x 20"

Lees Aquarium Undergravel Filter - 10 gallon
Size: 10 inches x 20 inches  

Provides for the growth of billions of beneficial bacteria to detoxify water the natural way by circulating water flow through the gravel bed. Naturally filing water and removing ammonia. 

  • Can be uses with power filters to maximize water quality.
  • Biological filter with a multi-level plate design.
  • The larger plate sizes reduce the number of plates required.
  • Added strength of the UGF plates makes this filter most preferred by saltwater aquarist.
  • Molded gravel guards eliminate the possibility of gravel falling down the uplift tube.
  • Made of special quality plastic which resists splitting and cracking. 

Filter box includes: Premium Carbon Cartridges, Slim Discard-A-Stones, telescoping ring for uplift tube height adjustment and Lee's fish-saver elbow.

Item: LE13152

Product UPC : 010838131524