Kricket Keeper Care Kit Small

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Complete Cricket Care Kit•Just Add Crickets!! •Use as cricket carrier/habitat•House up to 30 medium crickets for a week or longer •Dark texture cylinders provide ideal place for crickets to hide •Dark cylinders are removable for easy feeding of reptiles/amphibians/birds •The technologically advanced lid features a viewing/feeding window on the top with two dark tubes with clear caps and flappers that cover opening when cylinders are removed and a carry handle. •Protein, vitamins and minerals are a life sustaining need for many reptiles, amphibians and birds. Crickets are the most widely available food source for many of these domestically maintained animals. In the past, crickets were difficult to keep for any length of time. Now, with Lee's Kricket Keeper, hobbiest may maintain up to 30 medium crickets for a week or longer. •Crickets naturally gravitate to dark places. The two dark cylinders provide an ideal hiding place for the crickets, while also allowing for easy closing when feeding animals. 

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