KONG Shakers Passports Meerkat Dog Toy

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Size: Medium
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Cat's new favorite toy! Saved my kid's stuffies from attack.

This toy is amazing. The medium size is just right for our nearly 1-year old cat to carry around in his mouth and still get a thrill from wrestling with it. The squeaker is a fun way to get his attention when we're about to throw it for him. The crinkling sound part of its body makes keeps him interested. He was in desperate need of something prey-like to practice hunting skills on and we couldn't get him to stop attacking my son's favorite reindeer stuffie (which bears a striking resemblance to a meerkat). His DNA report came back part Savannah Cat (domesticated Servil) so I figured he might have some instincts to go after meerkats...and judging by the amount of prey drive this triggers I would say I was right! Now all the neck-biting and bunny-kicking is reserved for this little meerkat instead of my son's stuffie and both my fur kid and human kid are happy friends again.

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