Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding Baby Birds High Fat 5 lbs

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Hand Feeding Baby Bird Food - High Fat Formula
5-pound bag

The hand-feeding formula provides 75% more fat than the original formula to help baby birds grow faster and wean earlier.

  • High nutrient formula boasts extra protein and fat from ground peanuts and sunflower seeds.
  • Neonates and older chicks respond well to elevated fat levels; such as most African species, macaws, and black cockatoos.
  • This high-nutrient formula was developed for the needs of baby birds and it is suggested for all incubator hatched chicks for the first month of life.
  • Contains probiotics to encourage a healthy population of intestinal microorganisms. The selected species have been chosen specifically for their vitality, stability, and overall benefits to a bird’s system.
  • Has compatible tastes and ingredients with exact Conversion and exact adult daily diets reducing digestive upsets during weaning, or when pulling young from the nest of exact fed parents.

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