Higgins Sunshine Spray Millet Natural Bird Treat 5 lbs

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Birds Treats
For All Types/Sizes of Bird

5 pound bag

Higgins Spray Millet Natural Bird Treat is a honey gold, all natural, healthy avian treat.

  • Hand selected at harvest in France.
  • Free of pesticides.
  • *Grown in the most pristine valleys of France. French millet is known for its dense, tight clusters of millet that stay on the sprigs better.
  • Easy for birds to digest and full of nutrients.
  • Ideal for all types of birds, small to large. 
  • This millet is packaged by weight. Not by the count to give you more product for your money.

*Due to variations with harvests/natural occurrences, your millet may not look identical to the image.

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