Higgins InTune Conure/Cockatiel Bird Food 18 lbs

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Daily Bird Food
For Conures/Cockateils

Bulk 18 pound bag

Higgins InTune Conure and Cockatiel Bird Food is a complete daily diet that makes science and nature in tune with your bird's well being. 

  • Comes in unique shapes that are sized for your bird. Each shape represents a key InTune factor: Heart = Good Health; Leaf = Natural; Pineapple = Real Fruits and Bird = Overall Wellness.
  • Delicious and irresistible natural pellet diet.
  • Natural fruit flavors and aroma. 
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • Added vitamin and minerals.
  • Added encapsulated digestive probiotics to help ensure companion birds receive the nutrients necessary for good health.
  • No supplements are necessary.
  • If fruits, nuts or other treats are provided, they should be less than 10% of the diet.

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