Lafeber El Paso Parrot Nutriberries 10 oz

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Spicy Excitement in Every BiteEl Paso Nutri-Berries contain red and green bell peppers and chili powder savory seasonings for your bird. These zesty, zingy seasonings add a little spice and will entice your pet to eat.Maximum Nutrition. Minimum Waste.Veterinarian recommended Nutri-Berries are the most fun-to-eat, easy to accept food ever made. These nutritious nuggets have the shape birds naturally enjoy and a balanced, superior source of nutrition with an irresistible taste and aroma.Better Health For Your Parrot.Proper nutrition is critical to the good health and long life of your parrot. Nutri-Berries were formulated by Dr. T. J. Lafeber and an avian nutritionist for that very reason.

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