Eheim Ultra Professional 3 Canister Filter 250gph

Aquarium Filter
For Up to 65 gal Tanks

250 gph

EHEIM Ultra Professional 3 Aquarium Canister Filter is a high capacity multi-stage canister filter to operate efficiently, silently and help create and maintain a biologically balanced ecosystem.

  • High capacity multi-stage filtration for healthier, clearer water.
  • Integrated automatic self-priming for quick and easy filling of the canister filter.
  • 4 heavy duty super locking clips for tight closure of the pump head onto the canister
  • Integrated safety handle prevents accidental opening while carrying.
  • Easy to use quick release two stage hose adapter, Only disconnects once flow control level is placed in the off position.
  • Only EHEIM's shaft and bearing sleeves are made of space age high performance ceramic. 
  • Ultra quiet, resistant to heat, abrasion, chemical and biological substances as well as an extremely long service life
  • Convenient pre-filter with easy access just under the pump head traps dirt at the top of the filter, making regular maintenance easier. 
  • Significantly extends intervals between biological media cleaning. Simply rinse pre-filter pad (blue) and change the fine filter pad (white); the biomedia in the media baskets remains undisturbed.
  • Comes complete with free filter media, all fittings and easy start guide
  • Specifics: Model: 2071, For tank size up to : 65 gallons, Pump output : 250 gph, Power Consumption: 12 Watts,  Dimensions : 14.1" x 9.3" x 9.6 inches.

Item # EH20261

Product UPC : 720686202610