Coralife Saltwater Aquarium Cone Skimmer 150 Gal Tank

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Saltwater aquarium skimmer.
For: Up to 150-gallon saltwater aquarium
Dimensions: 12.25" L X 8" W X 22.5" H

The advanced cone-shaped design concentrates the foam as it rises, resulting in more efficient skimming. The surface-to-surface interaction between water and air bubbles is maximized lower in the column where the micro-bubbles attach to the organic proteins in your aquarium water. As the bubbles rise, the cone shape naturally concentrates the foam at the top to reduce the amount of water between micro-bubbles. This produces a drier and more productive foam as it reaches the collection cup. 

  • Removes dissolved organic compounds from reef & saltwater aquarium water
  • Advanced design allows for unrestricted foam flow towards collection cup
  • Powerful, yet quiet internal pump reduces footprint
  • Large neck for efficient foam production and control
  • Patented needle wheel aspiration system uses posi-flow pump

Energy Savers Item: EN05998

Product UPC: 96316059986