Coralife Pure Flo II Reverse Osmosis Mixed Bed Deionization Cartridge

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Deionization Cartridge for Aquariums

  • Use as part of the Coralife Pure Flo II Reverse Osmosis System, but can fit most osmosis canisters.
  • Deionization cartridge uses resin for filtering.
  • Provides similar results as a reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Using resin as a water filtration media provides similar results to using a reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Rather than filtering out pollutants as water passes through a membrane, resins work by attracting either positively (+) or negatively (-) charged particles found in water.
  • The Coralife deionization (DI) canister provides a final DI filter step using mixed-bed resins.
  • One drawback is that resin does exhaust and will need to be replaced or regenerated more frequently to maintain high quality water production.
  • To help you better know when to change these filter cartridges, they are designed to change color from tan/green to purplish/blue when exhausted and need to be replaced.

Energy Savers Item: EN76009

Product UPC : 096316760097