Cobalt Cichlid Fish Food Pellets Small 11oz

Probiotics-enhanced nutrition means clean aquariums for beautiful cichlids. Cobalt Aquatics Premium Cichlid Food takes nutrition to the next level with flake or pellet food enhanced with naturally occurring probiotic bacteria. These beneficial probiotics improve digestion, resulting in less waste for a cleaner aquarium. Advanced formula will not cloud aquarium water, helping to maintain aquarium water quality. Cobalt Aquatics Premium Cichlid Food is developed to support the health, digestion, and coloration of your cichlids. Nutritious staple flakes or pellets address the unique needs of cichlids with high-quality protein for growth and krill, plankton, and spirulina to support beautiful coloration. Cobalt Premium Cichlid Food features signature blue flakes or blue pellets to support overall fish health for immune health, key to disease resistance. Made in the USA from ingredients sourced in the USA and Canada. Feeding Guide: Feed 2-3 times daily, only as much as your fish can consume.

Item # CB00256

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