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Coastal Pet Lil Pals Puppy Dog Grooming Nail File Tool

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Li'l Pals Dog Grooming Nail File
For Small Breed Dogs & Puppies
Size: 4.75 inches

The Li'l Pals Dog Nail File is perfect for grooming the nails of your puppy or toy dog. 

  • Designed to remove burs to leave the nail smooth and healthy.
  • Specially contoured for a petite dog's nails and features an easy grip.
  • Made with stainless steal.

Instructions for use: Hold the toe firmly and file in a smooth stroke on the tip of the nail. Next, file from back to the tip following the contour of the nail. Do not file in the opposite direction. A few strokes on each side of the nail will remove burs and leave your pet's nails smooth and healthy. 

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