CaribSea Reptile Substrate Smokey Sands 40 lbs

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Reptile Substrate w/Calcium
Smokey Sands 0.25-0.75mm

4/10 pound bags (40 pound total)

CaribSea Reptilite is an all natural calcium substrate, ideal for desert dwelling reptiles and arachnids. It is clean, fine-grained with super low dust.

  • Naturally spherical grains won't scratch your valuable animals inside or out.
  • No artificial dyes or chemicals.
  • This low impact substrate also contains strontium and magnesium while being free of silica and phosphates.
  • Though not intended as a food source or supplement, it is 100% edible and easily digestible.
  • Made of aragonite, the most soluble form of calcium carbonate available. Allowing reptiles to easily ingest necessary calcium for proper bone development.
  • Extremely affordable, and easy to use; just add to a depth of approximately 2 inches.
  • Spot clean daily and replace the entire bed every 4 to 6 months.
  • Trusted by professional reptile breeders and hobbyists alike.
  • Ideal for true chameleons or any tortoise, snake, lizard, arachnid, or insect that comes from an arid or semi arid environment.

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