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Caribbean Crushed Coral - 20 Lb

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Geo-Marine Florida Crushed Coral is the only crushed coral with aragonite and provides over 25 times the buffering capacity of other crushed corals. In actuality, this product is not crushed at all, but in fact is a natural product that is screened to size. This product can be used alone or as a textural admixture to our fine grained sand products. Seaflor Products are the perfect shell substrates! They are clean and pure with no dangerous impurities to threaten your aquarium. There products may be used on their own or as colorful admixtures to our other products. Coraline Products offer a number of unique looks for various habitat simulation purposes. The Caribbean Crushed Coral's spherical and uniform shape results in good flow rates and makes it very popular with reverse flow filtration popular in many public aquariums. These products can all be used on their own or used as an admixture to our other substrates to create unique looks and textures.

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