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Carefresh Complete Menu Small Pet Timothy Hay 64oz

Timothy Hay
For Small Pets
64 ounce bag

Carefresh Complete Menu Small Pet Timothy Hay is made for small pets contains ideal nutrition for their daily needs.

  • Made for Small Mammals:  Only uses the first cut of hay because it not only provides ideal daily nutrition, but it is also the best for maintaining dental health.
  • 100% Western Timothy Hay: Grown in the nutrient-rich soil in Eastern Washington to provide ideal daily nutrition.
  • 30% Fiber for Proper Digestion: Small animals have a highly specialized digestive tract and nutrients like fiber help them digest food efficiently.  Timothy hay is an excellent source of fiber – ensuring they maintain good digestive health.
  • 1st Cut Hay for Ideal Dental Health: The first cut of hay provides ideal protein, fiber and fat ratios for daily nutrition, and it is slightly harder than other cuts to wear down and clean small animal’s ever-growing teeth better  - helping them maintain ideal dental health.
  • Great for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters chinchillas and more.
  • Made in the USA.

Item # AC00304

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