Carefresh Complete Menu Rat & Mouse Food 2 lbs

Small Animal Food 
For Rats & Mice

2 pound bag

Healthy Pet Carefresh Complete Menu** is a nutritionally complete diet for rats and mice. Natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals, & Timothy Hay for healthy pets. Variety of textures promotes natural foraging behaviors and dental health. 

  • Naturally Nutritious: Crafted to encourage their instinctual foraging behavior, our Farmer's Garden recipe, combined with complete and balanced crunchy pellets is guaranteed to deliver nutrition and dental health, naturally.
  • 10 Real Fruits & Vegetables: Features 10 real fruits and vegetables like you'd find in a Farmer's Garden, such as pieces of carrot, sweet potato, zucchini, and peas to provide a nutritious and healthy meal your small mammal is sure to enjoy.
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors: Healthy blend of real fruits and vegetables means we never have to use any artificial colors or flavors to attract attention.
  • No Fake Junk Food Pieces: Unlike other brands, no decorative pieces that look like cheese puffs, o’s or clovers. Only the best nutrition, nothing else – so your pet can live a long, healthy life. 
  • Nut Free Formula.
  • Made in the USA.

**This product has recently changed its packaging.

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