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Boyd Chemi-Pure Elite Aquarium Filter Media 11.74 oz

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Aquarium Water Maintenance
Fresh Reef & Marine Aquariums
11.74 ounce container

Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Elite filter medium is for controlling algae growth in the aquarium. Will eliminate it and provide crystal clear water.

  • Helps keep constant pH-always within the safe range.
  • Will help control unwanted nuisance Algae (red slime cyanobacteria).
  • Crystal clear water.
  • Removes phosphates, silicates, odors and color-causing's dissolved organic molecules.
  • Removes offensive odors.
  • No osmotic shock 90% eliminated.
  • All in one filter media in a bag.
  • Made in the USA.

Item # BE16743 

Product UPC: 719958167436