Boyd Chemi-Bags with Ties for Aquarium 2 pk

Aquarium Filter Bags
Package of 2 count

Size:  5” x 10.5 inches

Boyd Enterprises Chemi Bags for Aquariums are double stitched nylon filter bags for use with any type of granular filter media such as Phosphate, Ammonia, Nitrate, Silicate removers or activated carbon. 

  • One of the most durable media bag available.
  • Easy to use with any filter media.
  • Does not clog as often as other media bags.
  • Can be used in any flirtation system with the right application. 
  • Each of these bags has a thin mesh-like texture which can sift even fine particles in the water.
  • Specifically designed for any granular filter system like silica, phosphate or nitrate remover.
  • Works well with Purigen and Chemi-pure Elite.
  • In a convenient 5” x 10.5” size to fit in most filtration systems. Tie wraps included.

Item # BE16720

Product UPC: 719958167207