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BIONIC Supernatural Strong Orange Ball Dog Toy Sz: Small

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Small Ball Toy - 1 count
For Dogs up to 20 lbs

Sm: 2.3" x 2.3" x 2.3 inches

The BIONIC Supernatural Strong Orange Ball is a Tough Rubber Dog Chew Toy that is durable for Small Sized Petite Dogs.

  • Bold and bright and bound to bounce.
  • Easy to spot in the water or on grass helping your dog to never lose sight of fun.
  • Easily portable, you can bring your dog's new favorite ball to parks and beaches without worrying about water or dirt damage.
  • Float Friendly: Great for fetch indoors and out, on land or in water, the Bionic Ball was made to float helping you and your dog play without borders.
  • Made of FDA Food Grade Material - You can feel good about the ball you’re letting your dog chew on knowing it’s make with FDA food grade material.

Item: OH30097

Product UPC: 700603300971