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Ark Naturals Omega Mender Itch Ender! Pet Supplement 16oz

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Vitamin Supplement
For Dogs & Cats

16-ounce container

Ark Naturals Omega Mender Itch Ender! Dog and Cat Supplement aids with shedding, dry skin, excessive licking and scratching (hot spots), itching, dandruff, hair loss, and flaky coats. Also helps comfort and support skin related sores.

  • Essential fatty acids support skin health, shiny coats, and joints.
  • Balanced with Omega-3 and 6 found in wild fish and borage oil.
  • Great for excessive shedding, hotspots, or dry flaky coats.
  • Support growth, brain function, and heart health.
  • All natural human quality rapidly helps dandruff, hair loss, sores in ears, and slow wound healing.
  • Made in the USA.

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Product UPC: 632634110093