Aqueon Coralife BioCube Mini Hydrometer

Aquarium Salinity Measure
Size: 3.25" x 2.2" x .75"

The Coralife BioCube Mini Hydrometer is an essential piece of equipment for a saltwater aquarium. It is used to maintain the ideal specific salinity for your marine aquarium fish, corals and other invertebrates.

  • Use for periodic or continuous salinity readings.
  • Certified calibration for accurate measurement of aquarium salt levels.
  • Space-saving solution that allows discreet and accurate measurement of aquarium salinity.
  • Designed to remain submerged inside the aquarium.
  • Always know your salinity at a glance
  • Attaches to the glass with the included suctions cups
  • Great addition to the New Style Size 32 BioCube Aquarium and the Corolife New Style Size 16 LED BioCube. 

Item # OC15642

Product UPC : 96316156425