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Aqueon Colormax LED Lamp Bulb Size 30"

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Aquarium Bulbs
LED Lamp, Size 30

24.5" x 1.25" x 1.25"

Aqueon Colormax LED Lamp aids in creating custom lighting for a variety of aquatic habitats. 

  • LED lighting lasts longer and is more energy efficient than standard T8 fluorescent lighting. Uses 70% less energy.
  • Plug & play connections are moisture-resistant.
  • Full-coverage aquarium lighting.
  • Includes pre-installed, adjustable mounting legs.
  • Three-position power switch: Day, Night and Moon Glow.
  • Easy-install LED lamps "snap" into place.
  • For use in the Aqueon Model 15612 Modular LED Aquarium Light. 

Item # AG15622

Product UPC: 015905156226