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Aqueon Aquarium Tank Starter Kit 13 gallon

Aquarium Tank Kit
13 Gallon Tank

Size: 25.875" x 10" x 18.125"

Aqueon 13 LED Widescreen LED Aquarium Kit features a low profile hood with built-in LED modules and larger viewing area versus standard sized aquariums.

  • The LED Widescreen aquariums are taller, wider and sleeker than traditional aquariums.
  • The 13 gallon provides more than 60% larger viewing area and the 13 gallon a 95% larger viewing area versus a standard size 10 aquarium.
  • Also featured is a uniquely designed low profile hood with built-in LED modules.
  • Cool white LED lights accentuate the natural colors of fish and aquatic plants.
  • Take in more of the natural beauty of your aquarium with a larger viewing area in a compact design.
  • Great starter set for the beginner fish hobbyist.

Kit Includes Size 13-gallon all-glass Aquarium; Low profile full hood with LED lighting; QuietFlow power filtration; Submersible Heater; Premium fish food; Water conditioner; Set-up and care guide; a Net; and Thermometer.

Item # AG17782

Product UPC: 015905177825