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Aqueon Aquarium Maintenance Water Changer 50 ft

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Aquarium Maintenance
Water Changer

17.7 x 21 x 2.7 inches

The Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer was developed to make routine water changes and vacuuming gravel easy and efficient for any level aquarist.

  • The dual-function tool takes the mess out of vacuuming the gravel and changing the water in aquariums.
  • Easy and efficient for any level aquarist.
  • Switches effortlessly from a gravel vacuum to a water changer, by a twist of a valve.
  • Water flow control prevents spillage, facilitates thorough cleaning, and eliminates the need for heavy buckets.
  • Measures 50 feet long.

Item # AG06090

Product UPC: 015905060905