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AquaTop SkyLED Reef Tank Aquarium Light 48"

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Aquarium Light 
Marine and Reef Aquariums

LED 48 inches in length

The AquaTop SkyLED Aquarium Light will bring life and brilliance to your reef system.

  • Excellent choice for Mushrooms, Zoanthids, Soft Coral and other exotics, this energy-efficient LED light system will operate for many years without a bulb change.
  • Each SkyLED includes adjustable leg mounts for a simple and quick installation.
  • Features designed specifically for reef enthusiasts includes fanless operation for pin-drop silence, protective splash guard, waterproof switch and an extra long power cord for setup flexibility.
  • The reef-capable SkyLED fits a variety of aquarium applications and is an excellent choice for aquarists of all levels.
  • Model: SLR48; Fixture Length: 48";  Adjustable Lengths: 45"-51"; Total Output: 39W; Produces the Shimmer of Natural Daylight; Fully Adjustable Leg Mounts; Quiet, Cool and Fanless; 10K & Actinic Blend.

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