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Aquatop CF500UV 5-Stage Aquarium UV Canister Filter

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Aquarium Filter
Up to 175 gallons

Size: 15" x 12" x 18 inches

The AquaTop CF500-UV takes aquarium UV canister filters to the highest level.

  • This 525 GPH 4+1 filtration system is ideal for fresh and saltwater aquariums up to 175 gallons.
  • The integrated 9 watt UV Sterilizer helps keep your aquarium healthy and crystal clear.
  • The CF500-UV defies its low price because it comes equipped not only with a UV Sterilizer but all the necessary plumbing for installation and includes four large filtration media compartments allowing you to add the filtration media of your choice.
  • The filtration media trays offer a fully customizable filtration system to suit your specific aquatic needs.
  • The CF500-UV includes four fine filter pads (white) and a single coarse filter sponge (blue) for enhanced Mechanical Filtration.
  • With the addition of AquaTop's Premium Activated Carbon, Ceramic Rings, or Bio-Balls (each sold separately), achieve superior filtration and crystal clear aquarium water.
  • The CF500-UV Canister Filter has a convenient Prime Pump that eliminates the need for manual siphoning. Say good bye to a mouth full of aquarium water.

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