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Aquatop Automatic Self Priming Canister Filter 75 gal

Aquarium/Tank Filter
8 x 8 x 13.5 inches;16 pounds

Aquatop AF-250 no bypass, multi-stage filtration with UV clarification.  

  • Features a touch interface that allows the user to turn the auto start feature on and off, and to turn on the UV system.
  • Has two separate motors: a vacuum pump, with automatic shut off and normal filter.
  • 3-Media Trays (Filter Pads, Bio-Media and Carbon Included).
  • 60 gallon includes media with 3 watt UV.
  • The flow rate for this unit is 264GPH.
  • Easy to maintain and use.
  • Whisper quiet operation.

Item # AK01481

Product UPC : 819603014815