Aquatic Life Freshwater T5 Ho 6000K Lamp 48"

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T5 Ho 60,000k Aquarium Lamp
For Freshwater Tanks

Size: 48 inches

Aquatic Life Freshwater T5 High Output (Ho) 60,000k Lamp creates balanced light that includes peaks in the blue and red spectrums that matches the chlorophyll absorption peaks in plants and enhances fish coloration. 

  • Filled with a gas containing low pressure mercury vapor, argon, xenon, neon, or krypton.
  • The pressure inside the lamp is around 0.31% of atmospheric pressure.
  • The inner surface of the lamp is coated with a phosphor coating made of varying blends of metallic and rare-earth salts.
  • The cathodes at each end of the lamp emit electrons when energy from the ballast is delivered to the lamp.
  • This energy mixed with the phosphor transforms the ultraviolet radiation into visible light.
  • The color of the light depends on the composition of phosphor.
  • Each batch of Aquatic Life lamps is carefully tested to ensure consistent light output and quality.
  • Visible Hue: Natural White. Kelvin: 6,000K.
  • Application: Freshwater. Ideal for: Live Plants & Refugiums.

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