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AqauTop Medium Aquarium Circulating Pump 660/gph

Aquarium Circulating Pump
For Saltwater & Freshwater

For 25-50 gallon Tanks

The AquaTop CPS-3 Circulating Pump is the solution for mid-sized tank owners, wanting to create all important current flow in their aquarium.

  • Aids making the aquarium more visually appealing and also improves the environment.
  • Before the CPS-3, aquarium hobbyists were forced to equip their tanks with big size wave makers.
  • Compact but powerful and sits on an articulating ball joint that allows a wide, 360-degree range of motion.
  • Easily adjust the angle of your pump to provide water flow where you never thought possible.
  • New suction cup mounting system provides a sturdy and secure hold to any glass or acrylic surface.
  • Voltage - 120v / 60Hz; Wattage - 3 Watts; Flow Rate- 660 gph/gallons per hour; Tank Capacity 25-50 Gallons.

Item # AK01488

Product UPC : 819603014884