Applaws Chicken Dry Cat Food 5.5 lbs

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Applaws complete dry cat food with free run chicken is made with natural ingredients and gives your cat all the goodness of a diet that’s rich in meat…conveniently packed into a single bag.

  • Applaws is formulated without grains. Grains such as corn, sorghum, barley, and rice all contain carbohydrates which can be converted to fat when eaten and may cause weight gain.
  • Meat contains NO Carbohydrate and can help your cat to stay a healthy weight and develop lean healthy muscle tissue.
  • A grain-free formula can help to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce stress to the liver and kidneys.
  • Beta Glucan* from a unique yeast extract that has been studied for its role in skin and joint health and the immune system.
  • Made in the USA.

Dry Cat Food - Chicken 
For Adult Cats
5.5 pound bag

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