API Pondcare Ecofix Bacterial Pond Clarifier 64 oz

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Bacterial Pond Clarifier 
Treats up to 16,000 gal
64 ounce container

API Pondcare Ecofix makes pond water clean and clear with a powerful natural combination of five bacteria strains to efficiently degrade dead algae and sludge in pond.

  • Helps reduce pond maintenance when used on a regular basis by reducing pollution and increasing the concentration of dissolved oxygen.
  • Bacterial pond water clarifier.
  • Makes pond water clean and clear.
  • Breaks down dead algae.
  • Increases the concentration of dissolved oxygen in pond water.
  • Creates a healthy ecosystem for pond fish.
  • Maintenance Dose: Add 1 oz (30 ml) per 250 US gallon (945 ml) (1/2 cup per 1,000 US gallons) every 2 weeks.
  • Made in the USA.
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