API Pond Ecofix Sludge Destroyer Pond Water Clarifier 16oz

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Ecofix Bacterial Pond Clarifier helps create a healthy ecosystem for pond fish, makes pond water clean and clear, breaks down dead algae and increases oxygen levels in pond water. Ecofix contains five strains of live bacteria that digest sludge and reduce dissolved organics, making pond water clean and clear. The bacteria, which remain in a dormant state until added to the pond, become active and begin consuming the organic substances responsible for cloudy, hazy pond water. Ecofix will never smell like "rotten eggs" which is caused by the build-up of toxic hydrogen sulfide. Ecofix needs no refrigeration and should be stored at room temperature. Ecofix can be used in ponds and water gardens containing koi, goldfish and aquatic plants. Treats up to 4,000 gallons.

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