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API Fish Food Goldfish Flakes 1.10 oz USA Made

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Goldfish Food Flakes
For All Types of Goldfish

1.10 ounce container

API Mars Fishcare Goldfish Flakes is formulated with superior plant protein sources for digestibility and growth, a carrot and marigold blend for vibrant coloration, and wheat sources to provide energy.

  • Contains pea protein proven to be a superior plant protein source for digestibility and growth.
  • Carrot and marigold blend for a vibrant coloration.
  • Includes wheat sources as a highly digestible source of carbohydrates providing energy.
  • Release up to 30% Less Ammonia.
  • For clear, clear water.
  • Optimal protein for healthy growth.
  • Made in the USA.

Item # AP02834

Product UPC : 317163028346