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Acurel Nitrate Reducing Media Pad 10" x 18"

Aquarium Nitrate Removal Pad
Size: 10 inch x 18 inches

Quickly reduces and maintains safe levels of nitrates. Otherwise Nitrates will stress your fish, shortening their life span. This pad promotes beneficial bacteria colonies for a healthy aquatic environment.

  • This thicker, more rigid design performs better than other media pads.
  • Quickly reduces nitrates
  • Promotes beneficial bacteria colonies.
  • Thick, rigid design creates tighter fit, holds shape longer, decrease water pass-through and extends life of pad.
  • Effectively removes all organic particles, foreign debris and excess food and water
  • For use with all filters in all fresh and salt water aquariums and ponds.

Item # AO02520

Product UPC : 842982025202