Tiki Dog Gourmet Ahi Tuna & Rice Canned Food 12/14.1 oz

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Canned Dog Food - Ahi Tuna
For All Life Stages & Breeds
Case of 12 - 14.1 ounce cans

Tiki Dog Gourmet Pipeline Luau Canned Dog Food is made with Ahi Tuna on Brown Rice with Carrots, Egg, Garlic and Kale in Tuna consommé. A canine meal that is low grain, zero carbs, made with wild caught tuna.

  • Made with wild caught Ahi Tuna loin that is flaked and tossed with a small amount of brown rice, hand diced carrots, chopped whole scrambled egg, a couple slivers of whole garlic and kale leaf.
  • Simmeredingredients in an Ahi Tuna consommé broth made with bones, heads, and unused portions of the tuna in a traditional stock method to produce naturally occurring flavors.
  • Added sunflower oil, vitamins and minerals.
  • Food with a nutrient profile that mimics the natural prey for dogs, which is commonly referred to as Biologically Appropriate.

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