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K9 Granola Pro-Fusion Crunchers Dog Treats 14 oz

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Dog Treats - Lean Beanz
For Adult Dogs
14 ounce package

The K9 Granola Factory Pro-Fusion Lean Beanz Crunchers are a lower calorie cruncher made with Pumpkin, natural green beans, apple sauce and cinnamon.  

  • Creates a cruncher that is lower in calories, and delicious too.
  • Jam packed with nutrition and offering an unmatched taste.
  • Only Nine Ingredients: Pumpkin, Oatmeal, Barley Flour, Oat Flour, Green Beans, Potato Flour, Canola Oil, Applesauce, Cinnamon.
  • Only 16 calories per treat.
  • Made in the USA.

Item # KG00203

Product UPC : 878803002039