How to Throw the Ultimate Home Super Party With Your Pet

Invite some friends, family, and their pets. Gather your football fans at your place on the big day. While some pets do well with others and in groups, others might not and feel stressed by other animals, people, and loud noises. 

It's always a good idea to only put your pets in situations where they'll feel at ease and to keep an eye on them throughout the day to make sure all's going well.

Try the following tips to help your pets have just as much fun as your guest at your big Sunday event:

Introduce Your Pet To Guests:

Inform your guests of the best way to greet, interact and play with your pet, especially if there is any quirky behavior. If they bring a pet, give them time to socialize and get comfortable with each other. 

Prepare Your Pet:

Prepare your pet in advance before your guest arrives. Make sure your pet has eaten, exercised, and gone potty. 

Food & Snacks:

Ensure all food is kept out of reach of pets, off counters and tables, and preferably in an enclosed area. Some everyday food items such as chocolate, grapes, nuts, alcohol, onions, raisins, and garlic are dangerous for animals and must be kept out of reach at all times. Inform your guest what they can and cannot give your pet. It's best to have a bowl of snacks/treats just for your pet. 

Create A Pet-Friendly Environment:

Before guests arrive, make sure that you create a safe and comfortable environment for your pet. This means removing any items off the floor that could be hazardous or tempting for them. Ensure that all doors and windows are securely closed so they do not escape. You may also want to designate a "pet-free" area in your house where guests can go if they need a break from your animal companion(s).

Create A Pet Only Safe Place:

Create a safe, quiet space for your pet in an area that guests can't access. Whether it's their bed, crate, or other designated areas, give your pet a space to retreat if things get too overwhelming for them. This will allow them somewhere to go if they need some quiet time away from the noise and chaos of the game. You should also ensure that all guests know not to disturb your pet in their designated spot.


Having guest over to enjoy the big game is always a great day. With these tips, you can rest assured knowing that both your pets and guests will have an enjoyable time together. Of course, always use caution when introducing animals into new situations and trust their instincts before interacting with humans and animals! Have a great Sunday!